Employability Program (USADF/LSETF) Cohort 3 Graduation Ceremony
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United State Representative Address At USADF Cohort 3 Graduation

Employability Program (USADF/LSETF) Cohort 3 Graduation Ceremony

The graduation of USADF/LSETF Cohort 3 students facilitated by Leapworld Limited symbolizes the potential of determined individuals to transform their lives through access to quality education and training. It also exemplifies the power of collaborative efforts between organizations dedicated to empowering communities and fostering sustainable development. As these graduates move forward, they carry the torch of opportunity and progress, contributing to the growth and prosperity of Lagos State and beyond.

The graduation ceremony, held in Lagos, was a testament to the commitment of Leapworld Limited, The United States African Development Foundation (USADF) and Leapworld Limited towards empowering individuals with skills and knowledge that contribute to economic growth and self-sufficiency. The partnership between USADF, Leapworld Limited and LSETF is a shining example of how international collaboration can foster local talent development and drive positive change in communities.

Key Highlights of the Ceremony in Photos

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