Call for Applications: Nigeria Youth Future Fund – Young Leaders Development Funds 2023/24 (Up to $50,000)
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Call for Applications: Nigeria Youth Future Fund – Young Leaders Development Funds 2023/24 (Up to $50,000)


The Nigeria Youth Futures Fund (NYFF) invites qualified individuals and organizations to apply for the 2023/24 youth leaders’ development funds. The grant is designed to enhance and promote youth ecosystem development within the country. Grants will be provided to individuals and organizations aligned with the specified thematic areas.

What you need to know about the NYFF:

The Nigeria Youth Futures Fund (NYFF) is a collaborative program spanning five years, established by LEAP Africa, MacArthur Foundation, and Ford Foundation. Its mission is to bolster youth leadership in Nigeria through policy engagements focused on outcomes and inclusive resourcing that empowers youth to shape the nation’s long-term development plans. The NYFF encompasses three core components:

  1. Imaginative Futures Working Group: Operating at national and regional levels, this group integrates youth perspectives into long-term planning.
  2. Youth Leadership Program: This aspect enhances the capacity of young leaders and youth-led organizations while offering grants to individuals/organizations aligned with the thematic areas.
  3. Online and Media Engagement: The fund amplifies the voices of young Nigerians through policy advocacy, debates, online campaigns, etc., to realize the vision of #theNigeriaWeWant.

Grant Thematic Areas:

The Youth Leadership Development fund prioritizes the following themes, which emerged from the NYFF’s visioning exercise. Applicants must submit concepts/proposals that align with these themes and have the potential to drive social change in their communities.

1. Facilitate Good Governance: Applicants should propose Youth development projects that support national short-term and long-term development plans, promoting:

  • Active Citizenship and Leadership Development
  • Policy Development, Advocacy, Executive and Legislative Reforms at various government levels
  • Institutional Strengthening, Transparency, and Accountability

2. Resolve Fundamental National Questions: Proposed Youth development projects should align with national short-term and long-term development plans, focusing on:

  • Peace Building
  • Equity, Social Inclusion, Cohesion, and Justice
  • Promotion of National Values including Patriotism, Unity, and Empathy

Note: Proposals leveraging Media, Art, Entertainment, Creativity, and Technology to drive these pillars are encouraged. Organizations can also apply as a cluster.

Grant Structure:

S/NGrant CategoryMaximum Amount ($)Number of Target BeneficiariesTarget Beneficiary Description
1Small1,00060 IndividualsYoung activists with youth development and transformational initiatives.
2Development10,00064 OrganizationsGrassroots and Community-based Organizations that are Youth-led and Youth Focused.
3Catalyst50,0006 Youth hubsYouth-led and Youth-focused civic and innovation hubs across each region of Nigeria.

Eligibility Criteria:

Individual Level:

Applicants must be Young activists (aged 15-35 years) with a proven track record, working on Youth development projects with potential for social change. Applicants should demonstrate understanding and experience in strategic planning, project management, and implementation. Applicants must possess experience and knowledge in community or team building, emphasizing honesty and integrity. Applicants must have genuine means of identification or be associated with an institution. Applicants are required to provide 3 reputable referees.

Organization Level:

Applicants must be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria or an authorized state/local level commission. Proof of registration is mandatory. Alternatively, unregistered organizations can form a cluster and apply through a registered organization. Applicants should have a physical address, a sound corporate account, and financial records. Openness to collaboration with other youths and the NYFF community during project implementation is essential. Applicants must have a positive track record and good antecedents. Catalyst grant applicants must be civic hubs engaged in Youth-driven activities within their region. Catalyst grant applicants must have partnership capacities in all states of their geopolitical region. Catalyst grant applicants must be capable of supporting other organizations in terms of capacity building and institutional strengthening.

Application Submission Guidelines:

  1. Answer pre-application questions.
  2. Submit a concept note/proposal (not exceeding 3000 words) adhering to the provided guidelines and proposal template:Section A: Background of the Individual/Organization, identified challenges, planned initiatives, and scope of work.Section B: Monitoring and Evaluation framework outlining anticipated inputs, outputs, and outcomes of the project.Section C: Project work plan detailing activities, timeline, and budget for each item.
  3. Provide identification documents for Small/Individual Grant: NIN certificate or equivalent; Organization Grant (Development & Catalyst Grant): CAC registration, organizational documents, and other relevant certificates in a single PDF.
  4. Supply referees’ information including Name, Organization & Portfolio, Phone Number, and Email address.

    Deadline: September 30, 2023.

– Click Here to Apply

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