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Prixim Consulting Limited

Prixim Consulting Limited, UK.: a UK world leading consulting firm with indepth SME project consulting engagements.

Prixim Consulting Limited is an international organisation with head office in the United Kingdom and registered offices in Ghana and Nigeria. Ghana serves as the headquarters of the firm’s Africa and Middle-East operations.

Prixim operates at the apex of innovation and specialises in delivering executive training programmes, as well as providing consulting, SME development and NGO support services. Services are tailored to the needs of each client in both the public and private sectors. Prixim has a strong activity relationship with the oil & gas sector, finance & insurance sector, public sector amongst others.  Prixim provides support for clients to overcome the challenges they encounter in today’s dynamic, complex and turbulent business environment. Prixim promotes the principles of global partnership, good governance, sound economic and public service management, as well as exemplary leadership. Our success is demonstrated by the achievements of our clients who operate in both the public and private sectors.

In addition to designing and implementing accounting software for SMEs, Prixim offers support services that are tailored to their various needs. Also organize trainings and offer special advisory services that enhance the sustainable growth of SMEs in areas such as business strategy development, business plan preparation, book- keeping and accounting, financial management, market linkage and human resource management.

Prixim provides capacity building services that are tailored to the needs of NGOs for the enhancement of their skills in managing their own organizations and in delivering services to beneficiaries. Prixim develop the competencies of NGOs by providing advisory services and organising special training courses.