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Leapworld Limited, a member of the Business Development Service (BDS) Consortium is in strategic partnership with Sterling Bank to reinforce the Initiatives of the Sterling Bank Academy by lending our capacity to ensure that the training given to MSMEs translates to increased capacity, productivity, profitability and hence sustainability of the MSMEs. Sterling has a core mandate of providing financial assistance for the establishment of large, medium and small enterprises as well as expansion, diversification and modernisation of existing enterprises and the rehabilitation of ailing industries

The BDS Consortium is a group of companies accredited by the Bank of Industry to provide Business Development Services and Certified by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization to train Entrepreneurs and MSMEs.  We assist in growing and expanding the Bank’s MSME clientele base by:

  • Assisting MSMEs to develop bankable, feasible, and sustainable business plans
  • Providing support for MSMEs in putting proper business structures and systems
  • Providing Mentoring and Coaching
  • Collaborate with the Bank to conduct periodic post-disbursement monitoring of the MSMEs
  • Assisting MSMEs to develop synergies and linkages with large enterprise, industrial buyers and suppliers along the value chain of all priority sectors of the Nigerian economy that will help them capitalize on market opportunities and increase economic profit and reward.